Development Status

At Hazelight, this project's angelscript integration has been actively used for game development since early 2018. It is used daily by a team of 20+ programmers and designers.

While definitely holding up for our development use, the project will be considered in a beta state at least until we have sucessfully shipped our game with it. Primary areas of improvement to consider it production ready are listed below.

Hazelight does not guarantee any maintenance or support beyond what is already provided on this site. If you are considering using the angelscript integration in a commercial project, we highly recommend having an engine programmer to investigate issues that may occur in your usage of it.

Status and Future Plans

Packaged Builds and Performance

Running angelscript in a packaged/cooked build is currently fully functional, provided the ProjectName/Script/ folder is staged or copied into the resulting build.

See the Using Precompiled Data page for steps to take to improve startup and execution performance in packaged builds.

For context, at the time of this writing we have more than 300,000 lines of angelscript code in our project at hazelight. Compiling it all on engine startup without using precompiled data takes roughly 10-15 seconds on Windows. Using precompiled data this is reduced to around 5 seconds of startup time.

We have found angelscript to vastly outperform equivalent blueprint script at runtime. When using precompiled data to create generated C++, runtime performance approaches that of native C++ with a small overhead when traversing back and forth with the blueprint virtual machine.

Platform Support

Aside from Windows, the angelscript plugin has been succesfully built for and is regularly tested on Xbox One and PS4. There are currently no plans to extend this to any other platforms, but if you are interested in working on supporting one yourself, feel free to join the discord server.

Known Issues

  • Super::Function() calls only work for parent functions in angelscript. It is not possible to call the C++ super function when overriding a BlueprintNativeEvent.
  • Unreal Interfaces (IInterface/UInterface) are not supported for use in angelscript at this time.