Unreal Engine Angelscript

What is it?

UnrealEngine-Angelscript is a set of engine modifications and a plugin for UE4 that integrates a full-featured scripting language. It is actively developed and used by Hazelight, creators of A Way Out.

See Getting Started for an introduction to the scripting language.


Immediate Hot Reload of script files

See your changes to scripted actors and components reflected immediately when you hit save.

Non-structural changes can even be reloaded while playing your game for lightning-fast iteration.

Debugging support through Visual Studio Code

Debug your script code through the Visual Studio Code extension. Set breakpoints and inspect variables.

Seamless integration with existing C++ and Blueprint workflows

Angelscript classes can override any BlueprintImplementableEvent you expose from C++, and can be used seamlessly as base classes for child blueprints.

Use whatever combination of tools fits your workflow best.