Unreal Networking Features🔗

Unreal networking features are supported to a similar extent as they are in blueprint.

UFUNCTION()s can be marked as NetMulticast, Client, Server and/or BlueprintAuthorityOnly in their specifiers, functioning much the same as they do in C++. The function body will automatically be used as an RPC, whether calling it from angelscript or blueprint.

Unlike C++, angelscript RPC functions default to being reliable. If you want an unreliable RPC message, put the Unreliable specifier in the UFUNCTION() declaration.

UPROPERTY()s can be marked as Replicated. Optionally, you can set a condition for their replication as well, similar to the dropdown for blueprint properties. This can be done with the ReplicationCondition specifier.

Similar to C++ and Blueprint networking, in order for RPCs and replicated properties to work, the actor and component need to be set to replicate. In angelscript this can be done using default statements.


class AReplicatedActor : AActor
    // Set the actor's replicates property to default to true,
    // so its declared replicated properties work.
    default bReplicates = true;

    // Will always be replicated when it changes
    bool bReplicatedBool = true;

    // Only replicates to the owner
    UPROPERTY(Replicated, ReplicationCondition = OwnerOnly)
    int ReplicatedInt = 0;

    // Calls OnRep_ReplicatedValue whenever it is replicated
    UPROPERTY(Replicated, ReplicatedUsing = OnRep_ReplicatedValue)
    int ReplicatedValue = 0;

    void OnRep_ReplicatedValue()
        Print("Replicated Value has changed!");

Available conditions for ReplicationCondition match the ELifetimeCondition enum in C++, and are as follows:

It is also possible to specify ReplicatedUsing on a replicated UPROPERTY that will be called whenever the value of that property is replicated. Note that any function used with ReplicatedUsing must be declared as a UFUNCTION() so it is visible to unreal.